Thursday, November 24, 2016

JazzKatz Back In Town

The Katz are back in town! 

For those who are new, welcome to the official blog and web forum of the JazzKatz Orchestra! We aim to create a website/forum that is easily accessible via mobile and computer so you can be updated about our progress with the JazzKatz.

Also, To briefly introduce myself, my name is Chaz Cabrera and I will be in charge of mostly blogging and updating the website.

You can check our website here:

Before we continue... Happy Thanks Giving!! This is a special day for the Katz, because we are finally releasing a website that makes us official. YAAY! So far our progress started in May and we are prowling through to create new content for viewers like you. If you haven't heard, we are actually planning a debut performance featuring Allison Adam Tucker at the renowned jazz club Dizzys (more info below)!

JazzKatz Orchestra feat Allison Adams Tucker

So enjoy the rest of your Thanks Giving with the family, friends, and good company! We hope to see you soon!


Chaz Cabrera